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GDN and Trigger Sign

The basis from GDN proposal, Trigger Sign, is a tool set which aggregates interests.

In Content Management, Trigger Sign offers its users a broad range of facilities, enabling online production of communication pieces and their disclosure directly in the desired displays, enabling customers to have their In-house TV, with their own company-made program;

When Building the Program Grid, Trigger Sign works in an automated and intuitive manner, enabling customers to set up their program grids blended with information and entertainment from various sources, according to viewers' interests;

In Asset Management, Trigger Sign has a series of tracking tools for Network built-in devices, informing managers on failures, and also facilitating remote repairs;

In Advertising Communication, the system sets the conditions required for communication managers to decide on duration, coverage, target audience and format of their campaigns, making them more effective;

When Checking Results, Trigger Sign brings a series of placement reports which enable tracking all placements in real time.

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  1. It is free, quick and easy;

  2. Its displays will be exposed to the world;

  3. Your local sales will keep 100% yours;

  4. Out of network sales, we will pass-through 35% to you from the price paid by the advertiser for placements made in your displays;

  5. You will have full control on adverts shown in your displays, and you can suspend placements at any time;

  6. You will have more time to take care of what is important, that isselling advertising.